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Direct Cellars Wine Club Review


Direct Cellars (did you get that... Sellers?) So why join Direct Cellars Wine Club? Well, aside from the chance to earn either a full time or part time income just by socializing with your friends and family or.. wait a minute... Were talking about Wine here, right? In that case let me rephrase what I said to sharing and socializing with the entire world for that matter. Wine has been around since 5000 B.C. so it's not hard to realize that Wine is going to be around for a very, very, very long time for many years to come and isn't going anywhere. Another reason is you don't have to educate the public on wine, people know what they like and know what they want when it comes to wine. 

With Direct Cellars you don't own the company. However, just think of it as a franchise where you own a business within a business and get all the tax write offs as a traditional small business owner which is ultimately a win win for you. Direct Cellars does not make or manufacture its wine, they distribute it from over 2000 small batch wineries from all around the world. And that's the best part of being a Direct Cellars Wine Club Member is the consumer will receive red, white, and/or both red and white wines delivered via UPS to their door each and every single month, and did I mention shipping is always free. It's like having a surprise delivered to your door step each month.


So, what's so special about having a Direct Cellars Wine Club Membership? Obviously, aside from the the chance to earn a part-time to full-time income just by socializing and sharing the info of the membership. Here are a few top benefits of a Direct Cellars Wine Club Membership:
  • 1. Access to premium wines from all over the world!  Some the greatest wine producers in France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Chile, the United States etc.
  • 2. Exclusive wines!  Most of these wines cannot be found on shelves at your local wine spot. These are mostly small batch wines with limited annual production. Some of the finest hand-crafted wines in the world are exclusive to your Direct Cellars Wine Club Membership
  • 3. The tasting notes! Each of your wines will come with tasting notes that tell you all there is to know about the wine, how & when to drink it, what to drink it with and what's special about it.
  • 4. Access to a community of wine lovers!  Whether through social media, conference calls or local wine tastings, with a Direct Cellars Wine Club Membership, members will have access to wine lovers from all over! Some of these people have made wine their passion and their business for decades and there's no better way to learn about how to drink premium wines and get the most from it!
  • 5. Opportunity to drink FREE Premium Wine when you Share with 3 friends and yours is FREE! Your own dedicated website for referrals. Top support and customer service. 
  • 6. Writing off your wine related expenses as a Business Expense. 


The Direct Cellars Opportunity is very easy to understand: You simply share the membership with others. If they see the benefits in the membership, they want to try the wine or they simply want to take advantage of the opportunity, you earn a generous commission. In this sort of a referral marketing situation, this could be a nice side income or even develop into a SERIOUS full-time income!
It's something we do every single day; subconsciously we do this every single day... Socialize and Share! Hard to imagine earning a full-time income from socializing and sharing a glass of your favorite glass of wine? Well, there's wine lovers and opportunists doing just that RIGHT NOW!



Here's a scenario: A friend tells you about this great wine club they heard about, and you check out a website they gave you and decide to place an order...
Then 3-5 business days later, a knock at the door and you answer and find it's the UPS delivery man asking you to sign for this cool box of wine.

You take the box to your kitchen table, open it and see these interesting tasting notes telling you all about these premium bottles of wine you can't wait to try! These tasting notes telling you where the bottles come from, who made them, what goes into them, what they taste like, what they go well with and all sorts of things. You're not an expert at wine tasting but now you're on that right step to becoming one!

You take out your first bottle and FALL IN LOVE! It's incredible! Your friend was totally justified to be excited about this Direct Cellars Wine Club thing! 
But wait: YOUR FRIEND EARNED $250 FROM YOU GETTING THIS WINE! So, you invite a few of your closet friends over for dinner, they taste the wine, they love the wine, 3 of them sign up at dinner and you earn $750 bucks for socializing and sharing how amazing this company and the wine is... All of this is from being out with good friends and sharing great wine!

Does it get any better? Well, each month, as your sharing your experience with people you know and meet, you're earning income, getting premium wines from all over the world for free and that opens up options...Like, the option to live life on YOUR terms exactly how you want to...TIME FREEDOM!

So what should you do now that you have this knowledge of the inner-workings of the Direct Cellars Wine Club? GET IN, GET WINE, GET SOCIAL!


I truly believe that Direct Cellars Wine Club is poised for explosive growth! Nowadays, you can't rely on one source of income. Especially in this economy... Even if you have a six-figure salary, never rely on one stream of income. It's a practice that the wealthy have followed for years... Because you never know when that cushy job could come to a sudden halt... 

Additionally, having multiple streams of income allows you to pay off any debt faster and put more money into your savings, investments, and retirement... Basically, will allow you to offset any other monthly bills you may have...  If I can leave you with one thing it would be this... In this 31.9 Billion Dollar a year Wine Industry you're definitely in good hands when you partner and own your very own Direct Cellars Wine Club business... So don't waste another minute get started today!! 


Call/Text: 626-731-1121
                David Mercado


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